Staging Your Home to Sell for Top Dollar

Home Staging Tips for Top Dollar Sale of your Home by Susan Botticelli, Realtor, Broker and Home Staging Expert. Susan specializes in residential sales in the Rancho San Diego area of El Cajon, California. Visit or call (619)441-8473.

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Skyrim: Free home in Solitude

This is how you buy a home in Solitude, and using the exploit you can do it for free. Included is a tour of your new home. Using this method you can also furnish you home for free as well. Simply talk to the the same guy and he’ll have item to sell you for your home. Do the same thing!

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DIY Firearm Staging & Home Defense Mod 1 (or Where’s your Boom Stick?)

In this video I answer a couple of questions = what do I have at arms reach when I retire for the night & how do I stage my Boom Stick for easy access when it comes to a home invasion. I also touch a little on elements of a home defense plan that you might find in handy in developing your own or examining your current plan. Be sure to check out the Home Defense Mod 2 on an easy DIY Bedside pistol holster here… I hope this helps, Steve boom stick shotgun Remington Mossberg 20 12 gauge home defense protection carbine field of fire chock point primary secondary

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Home Staging: Living Room Staging Tips – Stage your living to attract homebuyers. Living Room’s are often the first space that a homebuyer views when walking through the front door. First impressions are crucial when selling your home. Start with a blank canvas and start removing everything from the area. Position furniture in a way that shows off the living room’s potential. Maximize space by removing un-used furniture and decor. Add tasteful accessories and artwork that are neutral in color and design. Wow the buyer with your newly staged living room.

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Shipping Container Homes for Sale

Shipping Container Homes

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Daihatsu build video

This is a video documented slide show of the 1993 Daihatsu Hijet build we did at AI2 Products!! This truck was sold, but if you are interested in any of the stuff on this truck or have a truck you’d like some cool stuff made for let me know. AI2 Products Hutchinson, MN 320-234-8331 or

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Invest in a Home Stager To Sell for More

As design and style as well as home decorating trends change, sellers typically struggle with how to best prepare their house for sale. They normally Invest time focusing on selecting the right real estate agent along with ensuring that the residence is priced right. This is one of the main reasons sellers are inclined to hire home stagers to look after placing the aesthetic appeal to their property, and thus reducing their own anxiety and being able to help boost their profit on the sale.

Home staging is probably the greatest approach to optimize the presentation of the property before it is listed on the market. Sellers tend to be progressively more prepared and savvy, and understand the profitable outcome that they can attain if the house displays to its total potential. When it comes to which home stager is right for your job, there are a number of factors you need to bear in mind.

The first factor, as with a lot of things, will be price. Generally speaking, in the field of home staging, you commonly get what you pay for. Stagers with less experience or possibly a more limited inventory typically offer lower pricing. The reality, nevertheless, is usually that they may be placing less furnishings in the house, with the outcome that the property will not show to the full potential. The end result in this particular scenario would be that the customer saves several hundred dollars, and probably ends up having to reduce their asking price by several thousand dollars. Certainly this isn’t the wanted outcome.

Another is whether you are employing a hobbyist which has a “flair for design” or even a professional with a wealth of practical experience. Given the equity that is riding on your sale, it just is practical to choose an expert in the industry; somebody that does staging for a living, carries a complete inventory as well as a network connected with industry associations that can be tapped for your benefit. Deciding on a home stager who is experienced sufficiently to understand what the vital improvements are, and makes the edits in a manner that is adequately priced and of greatest impact will deliver you much more.

A third thing to consider would be the home stager’s work, as displayed in their portfolio as well as on their website. A good stager will have a comprehensive portfolio which reflects his or her creativity as well as efficiency in design and style and decor, across a wide array of jobs. This range of campaigns must include both occupied as well as vacant homes, across a variety of price points.

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Basic security measures when buying and selling houses

When buying and selling houses, an often overlooked but important issue is. You want to be able to protect your investment property – or your potential investment property -as best you can. Yet, you face a quandary when you want to show potential tenant buyers your houses.

The secret to safeguarding your homes while also being hospitable to potential buyers is key management. You have to be able to keep your keys in a safe, secure location–otherwise, you could end up with a number of trespassers on your property.

It’s a good idea, for instance, to erect a cabinet in an out-of-the-way place where you can hang all your keys. Each key should be tagged with the number of the address and the first letter of the street name. If you have the complete address on the tag, you run the risk that someone will find the key and end up walking through a home without your knowledge or permission. The keys should be hung in the box in numerical order so that they can be easily located.

You also need to make sure you keep only the current set of keys for each property. Locks must be changed as soon as a tenant moves out or as soon as you acquire a new property. Therefore, you could end up with a number of old keys. It’s best if they are discarded in order to lessen confusion.

Each contractor should be required to hand over all keys before he is paid. Otherwise, you could end up with a number of keys being lost or stolen. Even if you trust a contractor implicitly, it is best if you obtain all his keys before you pay his bill.

Ideally, you should have a lockbox on each property for security reasons. That way, you can keep close tabs on who enters and exits the property. If you place your phone number on a sign outside the property, you can have people call you to open up the lockbox while they are waiting out front. This can save valuable time in the long run.

Keeping track of keys can be frustrating for all concerned. It seems that there are always people around who want to walk off with keys. Therefore, you need to be vigilant about your key management techniques. The more vigilant you are, the safer you and your property will be in the end.

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Home stagers, are you using acceptable SEO practices?

You should be using your home staging website as more than just an online brochure. Just like most buyers start their home search online, homeowners and real estate agents in your area are turning to Google to find themselves a home stager.

If you want your site to come to the top of the search results, you have to be sure it’s been optimized properly. In the case of home staging, this will most likely be the city you serve + the term home stagers. If you are in San Francisco, for example, you want to come near the top of the results for “San Francisco home stager” or “home stager in San Francisco” because that’s most likely what your potential clients are typing in Google when they need your services.

There’s so much I could tell you about SEO that it could fill hundreds of blog posts so I’m not going to get too deep into this. What I want to discuss today is the kind of SEO or search engine optimization techniques that will get you in trouble.

In terms of SEO, “black hat” refers to using techniques rooted in deception to get a high ranking. While black hat techniques can work to rank your website higher, they will only work in the short-term. When you’re caught, your site will be banned from Google all together. “White hat” refers to any SEO technique that follows acceptable guidelines.

To learn more about black hat and white hat SEO techniques, visit the Home Staging Glossary by Staging Diva. The definitions there will tell you which black hat technique you should talk with your web developer about to make sure your website is safe from being blacklisted by Google.


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Top 10 Tips For Selling Your Family Home.sell Your House In A Recession

Top 10 tips for selling your family home quickly. Sell your House in a recession.

1.  You need to think BUYER THOUGHTS if you really want to move and to sell your family home
2. When you decide to put your house on the market forsale.You need to come away from the idea that this is your home and that you have put your own stamp on it and are not prepared for change
3. Think that you want to sell to any new buyer, not an old married couple with any family, so you open up the buying market for a much wider market audience
.4.Are you tidy? Potential buyers who may want to buy your house don’t want to look at clutter all over the place even under the stairs. If yours is untidy it may suggest you need a clearout before you leave your family home. Lots of clutter and mess suggests to new owners there is not enough storage room to store their very own clutter and junk.
5. Before you sell your house Start by having 3 boxes to have a clear out, have one for junk one box to keep and one box to give away to charity. Every family member must co-operate even the kids. Has the new house the room to store the extra clutter when you leave?  Is the item too old and will never get used? Is it an item being kept just for keepings sake or if you don’t know and decide to keep it just in case? If there is still too much, clear away even more junk.
6. When you decide to sell your family home decide is the place really clean or are carpets dirty, Bathroom, Toilet, Sinks, if you can’t afford to replace them get them cleaned and spruced up. Remove any stains, Empty and move ash trays, Take out cat littler trays when visitors come to look around. Bath the dogs or let them stay at friends house for the weekend and have show house weekends for a lot of new owners to browse through at once.
7. Apply new paints throughout every room in Neutral calm, cream colours the best options for removing your own personal touches. Think of the future of your new home and putting your stamp on this one not the one you are leaving behind.
8. dress a room with less but  simple shade carried through every room i.e. on a cream sofa add chocolate cushions, if you need to buy new take them with you when you move into your new house.
9. Don’t empty the house of its soul, its like a blank canvas new buyers cant get an idea of their own furniture in it if it feels empty, creating a warm family home is much better for customers to visualize them selves what it would be like moving in.
10.Remember the outside a buyer will look at the outside and see if you care about the gardens or if the door could do with a coat of paint add hanging baskets even in winter put in plastic plants it all makes a difference. Clear away rubbish bags or move a smelly dustbin away. All the best with your sale we hope you sell it quickly…
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